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Garden sauna with wood-burning cooker, Square sauna


230 cm


220 cm


220 cm

Wall thickness

44 mm

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Contents of the kit

square sauna


wood-burning cooker 100 kg stones stainless steel insulated chimney

wood-burning cooker (100 kg of stones) + stainless steel chimney, insulated

benches and backrests in hardwood

hardwood benches and backrests

hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring

LED interior lighting

interior LED lighting

asphalt shingle roof

asphalt shingle roof

Sauna covered with scaled shingles

stainless steel clamps

Adjustable vents

adjustable vents

Sauna doors with tinted tempered glass

doors with tinted tempered glass

Wooden joists sauna square

wooden joists (3 pcs.)

external lighting

electrical installation


Sauna in the garden - a great way to relax and unwind at home

The outdoor sauna, made of spruce wood, is an excellent way to rest your muscles after a strenuous workout, relax after a stressful day and boost your metabolism, which contributes to faster fat burning. Just step out into the sauna in the garden and you can feel the effects of the hot air on your body.

It is no surprise that wood-burning cookers for garden saunas continue to be one of the most popular types of heating. Only poured wood can produce that fantastic crackling sound and natural aroma that so enriches the outdoor sauna experience.

The garden sauna, made of spruce wood, is suitable for up to 6 people, making it ideal not only for the home, but also for small guesthouses or spas where guests appreciate comfort and an offer abundant in relaxing entertainment.

The sauna is suitable for 6 people.

Advantages of the home sauna

Insulated chimney, made of double sheet stainless steel
Stainless steel clamps
Stabilising supports
Tempered glass
Top quality shingles
Board thickness of up to 45 mm
Selected 1st grade wood  
advantages of the square sauna

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square sauna dimensions
square sauna projection

Video of our sauna

Items required for assembly (not included)

spirit level

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Important information on wood

Rectangle 37

The wood used for playgrounds is pressure and dip-impregnated. This results in long-lasting protection of the wood against insects, fungi, rot and the effects of permanent contact with soil and water. This means that the wood is pre-treated, but still needs to be treated with an external treatment.

Strange raid

A peculiarity of softwoods such as pine or spruce is resin spills. The resin can easily be removed with a mild solvent or a knife. Pressure-impregnated products may show a greenish film, which is the result of a reaction between the impregnant and the resin. This can be removed with a cloth or sponge. As a natural material, wood is susceptible to fungi and mould. These infestations are related to the moisture content of the wood, especially treated wood. Fungi are not harmful to the wood and do not affect its durability.

cracks in the wood
Knots and longitudinal cracks in the wood

Wood is a natural product and every tree is different. It may have small cracks and knots. However, as far as garden furniture is concerned, they are not subject to limitations in terms of either quantity or size. According to DIN 4074, wood statics are not susceptible to cracks smaller than 1/4 of the length or thickness of the material.  

wood 1
Keeping the wood in good condition

Wood in the garden is exposed to atmospheric factors such as UV rays, rain and temperature variations. These factors weaken the wood's protective layer, which is why it should be treated annually with an outdoor product.


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Garden sauna with wood-burning cooker, Square sauna

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