How to install a water-connected slide?

Find out how to install the slide of the slide. At what height should you place it? And how to attach it correctly so that children can enjoy safe play?

How do I install a slide?

It all depends on which slide you have chosen. If you have only purchased a slide, you will need to organise a suitable platform to which to mount the slide. In addition, the length of the slide will be of considerable importance. There are various sizes available on the market, including:

  • 3-metre slide,
  • 2.5-metre slide,
  • 2-metre slide,
  • 1.2-metre slide.

The main factor when choosing should be the age of your child, as slides taller than 1.2 metres are not suitable for children under the age of three. Even the manufacturers of the products themselves emphasise this. On the other hand, 3, 2.5 and 2-metre slides are suitable for toddlers aged 3 and over.

The slide is assembled by attaching it to the platform using dedicated screws, which should be included in the kit. And the slide itself should have dedicated screw holes in the top. The top should overlap entirely with the platform to which it will be attached. Otherwise, the mounting angle will not be appropriate and the structure will not provide adequate safety.

Mounting the slide - at what height to make it?

The height of the platform to which we will attach the slide should be adapted to the length of our slide. The correct position is a very important element for the safety of our children and to reduce the risk of damage to the product. Without a proper height adjustment, it will be impossible to mount the slide at the right angle.

Length of slidePlatform height
3 m1.5 m (+/- 5 cm)
2,5 m1.2 m (+/- 5 cm)
2 m0.9 m (+/- 5 cm)

If you are not sure what position you should place the slides on - take a look at the back of the product design. There you will find information on the material, the standards the product meets or the level at which the joint should be made.

How do I connect the water to the slide?

Many slides have the option of a water connection, which can turn a garden playground into a water park ideal for playing in hot weather. To do this, drill a 4mm hole at the start of the slide. Then connect the end of the garden hose to the hole - and you're done. Your children can see in an instant how special playing in the garden can be.

Is a slide alone enough?

A slide is an essential part of a backyard, but a slide alone can quickly become boring. Complete garden children's playground can be a more interesting solution in the long run. A backyard with swings, a sandpit, a slide and a wooden house offers plenty of opportunities for creative play. Order a playground now and show your children what real play is all about.

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