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A playground in the home garden is a great idea for boredom for energetic children.

Playground cosy house scaled
Cozy House Playground

Price: 958.42  923.77 

Small land playground scaled
Little Land Playground

Price: 1,293.37  1,247.17 

Little paradise playground scaled
Little Paradise Playground

Price: 715.87  692.77 


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meblogrod.pl Reviews with ekomi-en.com
Julia Zuk Wójcik

We purchased a children's playground from this company. We are very satisfied, everything smoothly, quickly and above all great quality. The purchase meets our expectations in 100%.Decent goods, clear instructions. The children are very happy and I think it will serve us for a long time. I recommend this company warmly and with a clear conscience.

Marta Onisk

Full of concern because of the large expense on my part, I placed the order with cash on delivery. A big plus for the company for this option, not to mention the free shipping, which is very competitive with others. I was kept informed of everything via email and text message. Everything arrived on time and even earlier than planned, everything was complete and fabulously easy to assemble. Wonderful quality, interesting freebies which made my daughter very happy. The playground came in super handy for us over the May bank holiday, the children didn't want to leave it and the adults were delighted with it too. Highly recommended 💓

Natalia Rajchert

Lovely contact with the company, professional approach to the customer. Fast delivery, securely packaged. Quality of materials super solidly made. The price is adequate to the quality. Very clear instructions, assembling was a pleasure. Ikea should take an example of how to make instructions. The children are happy, . Let's hope for more such companies on the market. A company to be recommended!

Ula Kaczor

Very friendly and professional service!!! Playground elements very accurately fitted, workmanship flawless. Fast delivery. Happy child 😁😁.

Piotr Bryndza

The playground is very solidly constructed with high-quality materials. Comes with clear instructions making assembly much easier. Very professional service, fast shipping and delivery. An additional advantage is the possibility to choose any accessories. We replaced one of the swings with a stork's nest and added a climbing wall. The 3.5 year old son is delighted !!! We heartily recommend ☺️

Grzesiek Wejman

Very nice playground, finished pieces very quick to assemble, good workmanship and fit of the pieces looks good and solid. thank you for the freebie, happy son 😀

Jan Gąsowski

Solidly and professionally constructed. Packed everything safely and delivered very quickly. After 2 months of looking for a playground Meblogrod was a saviour. There was no problem with slight modification of elements when ordering - contact excellent. I sincerely recommend.

Tomasz Gladun

Playground purchased a month ago. Delivery on the second day after purchase. Pallet very solidly packed, protected. The playground arrived safely. Assembled exclusively by me in 3 days "after hours" + impregnation with linseed oil. Still only to throw the colours, the fine finishing touches and a fairy tale. The daughter is in seventh heaven! WORKMANSHIP GREAT !!! All elements fit perfectly! You can confidently take in the dark! The only advice - I recommend impregnating before assembling....

Wojciech Płaszczymąka

Implementation in a flash. Product as in the auction photo. Workmanship at the highest level. Very solid packaging. I warmly recommend

Iwona Blazejewska

Playground made very solidly. Clever design, well thought-out elements. There was no problem with assembly. The 18 month old child was delighted, as were the parents, the playground is safe with railings, handrails etc. The child can play alone without any worries. A highly recommended company.

Aniela Sniegon

Playground made very solidly. Assembly went without a hitch, holes drilled in the right places, screws packed w/ sizes. The whole playground safe for the kids, even our 12 month old grandson walks on the gangway between buildings without fear of falling off. Very nice and professional contact with the contractor. Highly recommend.

Agnieszka Jeziorska

Square purchased 2 years ago as a Christmas present, best present so far. The square was delivered quickly. The whole structure is stable and made of good quality wood. Every element is prepared for self-assembly. The holes were drilled and fitted perfectly. Everything matched and nothing was missing. The playground has been with us for 2 years and we have only treated it with a wood preservative. Our daughters love playing on the square. I would recommend it to anyone looking for good value for money. I recommend contacting the seller, a really professional approach to the customer. Best regards

Małgorzata Puchaczewska

Good afternoon. Last year I bought a huge playground from your company. I wanted to thank you, on behalf of my children, for allowing them to enjoy their childhood to the full, the playground, although not cheap, is worth every penny spent on it. After operating it for a year, we don't have the slightest complaint about the quality, and you can believe that it is operated to the maximum because we run a Family Children's Home. Thank you again for the joy it gives the kids. Best regards.

Kamila Wronkiewicz

Playground beautiful, sturdy, made with attention to the smallest details. Precise instructions and marked screws made assembly very easy. Nice contact with the owner and very fast shipping. Highly recommended!

Iwona Podgórska

The playground in 100% meets expectations, very solid, precise instructions in connection with perfectly complicated screws and parts allowed really smooth assembly of this huge set, at the same time great contact with the supplier (manufacturer) super highly recommended

Karolina Więcko

A 5+ company! Perfect contact, clear rules for purchase and delivery. Nothing more, nothing less. Let's hope for more companies like this on the market.

Sandra Schumacher

We searched the internet for a long time for "that special cottage/playground" for our daughter until we came across this cottage by chance, which is partly due to the website of the company "Meblogród".The whole project was carried out to the highest professional standard. You were always available and patient with questions. All promises were kept and even exceeded. All goods were professionally and safely packed, despite the insane distance (almost 1000km) they arrived undamaged. Each screw was packaged sorted, making attribution very easy. Payment and delivery went smoothly, the promised fast delivery was kept (the goods were in Germany within two working days).The assembly was done by two people in about 6 hours. The assembly instructions were clearly explained and well illustrated, so there were no complaints here either. The quality of the wood more than surprised us, as very high quality wood was used. No chips or anything of the sort. The wide range of accessories allows for a wide range of activities, so there will be no boredom. Here the imagination has no limits. Extensions are possible at any time. The contact by phone as well as by e-mail was reliable, patient, informative, friendly, fast and more than customer-oriented. I have never experienced anything like this before and it is testament to the high quality of your company. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, especially on behalf of our daughter. We will be recommending you at 100% to our friends and acquaintances, as such quality MUST be recommended.


About us

A small family business with a wealth of experience and a passion for wood. We specialise in the production of children's playgrounds and garden saunas. We are constantly developing ourselves and our products.

We care very much about customer satisfaction. We guarantee very high quality products. We ensure fast delivery times. Thanks to this, we enjoy a great reputation. We cooperate with courier companies so we can deliver products even the next day after the order.

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Garden toys for toddlers

If you're looking to set up a play area for your little ones and their friends, you've come to the right place. Our extensive range of outdoor garden playgrounds provides hours of fun and discovery - the little ones will be delighted. Check out our impressive range of accessories: a stork's nest and a cocoon as a comfortable place to swing, swings suitable for toddlers and older children, a sandpit for creating the first sand buildings or a feeder to show your child the beauty of nature.

Choosing the best playground equipment

We offer a variety of outdoor play equipment suitable for all ages and garden spaces. Choose from a fantastic range that will not only keep your child entertained and engaged, but also help them develop their motor, social and emotional skills.

When looking for the best outdoor toys and play equipment, you should always consider the space you have, especially when it comes to large play equipment. This way, you can comfortably fit large toys and outdoor play equipment in, giving your child enough room to run around.

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